you can be
"Sherlock jones"
— fine art detective —
Would you love to discover Art's hidden treasures like Indiana Jones or deduce Art's secrets like Sherlock Holmes? Seeing what's beyond the paint makes Art a fun mystery to solve.

Hi, I'm Don Victor your guide thru the Artist's Cave of Secrets.

Art is a fun mystery to be uncovered. But do you have the right compass, map and codes to unlock it? Well, that's where I come in.

My job is to put in your backpack the climbing spikes, ropes and torches so you can explore masterpieces. In your satchel I give you codes, clues and keys to unlock secret vaults. And there's dynamite for those pesky obstacles. 

Be my trusted art detective in-training. Let's chip away the rocks and connect the dots. Let's see what artistic jewels are encrusted under a master's painting.

The artist who explores, extracts and applies the secrets in a Caravaggio, Michelangelo, or N.C. Wyeth painting, catapults themselves forward.
Let's Dig into this painting & find a treasure.
— artwork breakdown —
coming out the Artist's cave of secrets
— testimonials —
brief Peek inside your backpack
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Learn to discover, deduce, and discuss the hidden gems in a Caravaggio, Michelangelo, or N.C. Wyeth painting.
Enroll with no risk. This course comes with a 7-day money back guarantee. Connect the dots and unlock art's treasures.  Be the Great "Sherlock Jones", Fine Art Detective.

Would you trade $97 for 8 incredibly informative video classes. 15 how-to- do lessons. Plus student demos so you can see others learning and doing as well as student examples so you know what each assignment should look like when complete. And of course you get over a 100 design drills to train your eyes to see.  Deal? Click the blue button below.
"Design is the source and very essence of painting, sculpture, and architecture."
— Michelangelo —
"Design is like gravity – the force that holds it all together." — Edgar A. Whitney
   Student Testimonials ( Videos )
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  •   All skill levels are welcomed.
  •   No drawing or painting required.
  • No fixed schedule.
  •   Study at your own pace.
  • Study from your home or studio.
  •   7-day money back guarantee.
"You really don't learn to see until you understand this ancient, secret, mysterious grid that's behind all great works of art."
"When I was challenged with what it means to interpret, read and analyze the old master; I found myself starting to read their thoughts."
 "Core80, for me, was a life changing experience. It's like visiting the mind of the masters when they were at the job."
 "You got into the artist's head! It was amazing, it was exciting. I connected to masters in a way I never have before."
 "I would recommend the course to artists who want to produce their art to the highest compositional standards."
 "Now for the first time I am able to read and understand the work of the old masters."
"Design is like gravity – the force that holds it all together."
— Edgar A. Whitney —
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This program is for people who love art. Who want to learn how to discover a more dynamic and enriching way to enjoy art. If you want to learn how to discuss and decode art, this is the perfect course for you.
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This program is for artists who are serious about enhancing their ability to connect with their audience. You find this training very rewarding because you're sensitive to aesthetics, beauty, and like a good challenge.
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If you don't want to engage your mind when making art, this method is not for you. If you don’t desire to expand how you see, then this experience is not for you. And if you don't have time for art, this isn't the program for you.

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